El-Lajjun area occurs in the western part of Central Jordan. It is located 110km south of  Amman  via  the  Desert  Highway  from  Amman  to  Qatrana  town  and  20km westward towards Al-Karak city. The asphaltic road from Qatrana to Al-Karak passes through the area where the oil shale deposit is laying to the north and to the south.

PM recieves the Chairman of Emarati Al Hamed Future Company 

Prime Minsiter Abdulla Ensour on Tuesday said Jordan, which is facing genuine challengs in the energy field, traditional energy resources and high prices of energy, is working hard to diversify energy resources and depend on alternative energy resrouces to achieve energy security with reasonable prices.

Ensour\'s statement came during the meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Emariti Al Hamed Furture Company Sheikh Shaya Al Hamed. Al Hamed briefed Ensour on the Company\'s investments and the specialized projects in the energy field, Including a project to build electrical engery generating project through direct incineration of the oil shale with joint Emarati-Jordinian-Chinese investment.

Earlier, a basic principles agreement has been signed between the National Electric Power Company and Al Lajjun Oil Shale Company for investment in Oil Shale, Natural resources and its products.